We believe that projects present unique opportunities for organisations to foster workforce growth and development. As the pace of change accelerates and complexity rises, new technologies, markets, competitors, and cultural shifts serve as catalysts to drive innovation.

As part of our Transformation Academy programs, we provide organisations and individuals with the knowledge and skills to navigate complexity, volatility, and uncertainty. Furthermore, we are committed to promoting continuous learning and development.

Our Professional Programs

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Keynote and Masterclass

A quick and efficient starting point for those who have limited time but are eager to kickstart their business transformation journey.

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Systems Thinking for Change

Introducing the New Way of Managing Change

Change management in the workplace can be difficult due to employee resistance, inadequate leadership support, poor planning, communication breakdowns, a lack of resources, and shifting priorities.

The Synergy IQ team believes that systems thinking is the best way to deal with complex change. Using systems thinking enables us to simplify complexity related to change. This makes it possible for us to achieve alignment more quickly as well as plan and execute changes more efficiently. With our integrated, easy-to-apply, and transferrable methodologies, you can expect better results, as we focus more on the management of change-related activities. 


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Change Leadership Express

Discover the key to effective change leadership with our Express Change Leader Skillsets masterclass

If you're grappling with understanding your role in leading change and seeking practical tips to support your team, this course is tailored just for you.

Our training session covers the Change Curve and delves into the four essential skill sets that empower leaders to navigate change successfully. Gain a comprehensive understanding of each skill set, learn what it entails, and acquire express tips and tricks that you can apply right away. Designed to fit your busy schedule, this course sparks the conversation and equips you with the change leadership skills needed to lead your team through any transition. Don't let overwhelm hold you back.


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The Game Changers

Discover the Power of Game Changers: Unleash the potential of organisational change with a revolutionary approach that focuses on strengths rather than resistance.

The importance of playing to our strengths is widely recognised as a way to increase confidence, purpose, and performance at work. However, when it comes to organisational change, we often focus on managing resistance, on addressing how people might get in the way rather than how their strengths might drive progress.

Explore the Game Changers and learn how to get the most out of your change teams, improve the effectiveness of your change initiatives, and resource projects, support leaders, engage people, and gain a competitive edge.


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Myths at Work

What you know about culture is stopping you from making change.

Time is an unrenewable resource, so it’s no surprise that we consistently look for easy solutions to complex problems. Unfortunately, the easy solution is usually what stops the change from occurring.

Myths at Work takes you on an enjoyable, evidence-based, exploratory journey to discover the myths at work that we believe, why we believe them, and how they are stopping us from making the changes we need to make. We will provide an alternative way of addressing your ‘culture’ that provides practical solutions to complex problems.


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Stories that Work

Use stories to change your culture and create a better workplace experience.

Joseph Campbell discovered that stories across time and cultures have a common thread and that the human experience is guided, not just narrated, by its stories. We have created stories, myths and legends in workplaces that guide our work and decisions.

Stories that Work uses insights from great storytellers and narrators to provide an effective and engaging way of creating a new experience at work. As an author of four books, including the bestseller Culture Inc, Michelle combines expertise in culture change with her ability to weave a story to give your audiences a new and effective way of engaging their people and customers. Create workplace stories that inspire change.
Understand the hero’s journey and how stories guide our experiences.


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Magnetize your Workplace

Stop the workforce churn and have your ideal workforce lining up

Leaders across the country are struggling to find a solution to their "leaky bucket" - high workforce churn. Recruitment firms thrive on companies constantly filling gaps in their workforce, but if your workplace lacks a positive experience, employees won't stay, perpetuating the leak.

How much time, energy, money, and effort are you wasting trying to fill a leaky bucket? Magnetize Your Workplace provides invaluable insights into how workplace culture and experience directly affect retention. It equips your audience with the necessary tools to retain exceptional talent and attract new candidates. Say goodbye to workforce churn and welcome a steady stream of qualified individuals to your doorstep. Key takeaways include understanding the impact of culture and work experience on retention, practical tips for creating a retention-focused workplace and eliminating recruitment overwhelm by having a lineup of candidates eager to join your organization.


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For those seeking a more comprehensive experience, we provide a deeper dive into business transformation, allowing you to explore various aspects more substantially.


Bespoke Facilitation Workshops

Seeking an impartial facilitator for project/change planning, consultation sessions, brainstorming, ideation sessions, executive planning, and company/culture visioning? Look no further.

We specialize in collaborating with teams to define objectives, purpose, and actionable interventions that serve as the foundation for various plans such as project plans, change plans, strategic plans, business plans, culture plans, customer experience plans, and continuous improvement plans.

Our accomplished facilitators, who are also proficient coaches, possess the expertise to ask thought-provoking questions and establish an environment that nurtures the emergence of the answers you seek. They adeptly facilitate group discussions, provide valuable structures and frameworks, extract information from individuals, skillfully handle conflict, the halo effect, and groupthink, and meticulously document session outcomes using either traditional mediums like butcher's paper and whiteboard or technology-based tools, depending on your preference.

Engaging our services guarantees access to a skilled, experienced, and expert facilitator equipped with a diverse toolkit spanning culture, customer-centricity, analysis, and design. You can have full confidence in achieving tangible outcomes, supported by our structured approach to reflection, idea generation, debriefing, and brainstorming.


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Discovering Purpose

Unlock the full potential of your team.

We believe that people thrive when they have a clear sense of purpose and unwavering commitment. In this engaging team workshop, we provide a platform for your team members to design or review their purpose, align their personal and professional aspirations with the team and organization, and gain clarity on their collective why.

Through expert facilitation, thought-provoking discussions, and information extraction, we help you articulate a powerful team purpose that resonates with everyone. The outcomes are profound—a team that is crystal clear on their purpose and their place within it, individuals who feel deeply engaged and in control of their destiny, and a draft "why/purpose" statement that inspires and guides your team's actions. Furthermore, when combined with our Effective Teams program, you'll foster a shared understanding of core commitments and norms, fostering collaboration and synergy. Join us on this transformative journey and unleash the true potential of your team.


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Culture Masterclass

Let’s NOT talk about workplace culture

Instead, let's focus on things we can control.

Despite endless discussions on the topic, many leadership teams still feel helpless when it comes to addressing culture issues. Perhaps it's because we've been trying to control the uncontrollable. At this workshop, you'll gain invaluable insights into our Workforce Operating Environment model.

Discover the key elements that influence workplace culture and learn how to directly assess and control the factors that shape your organization's culture. This workshop aims to make culture change accessible to everyone, regardless of their HR expertise, by providing fresh perspectives and a shared language to frame culture conversations within your own teams.


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Culture Workshop

Ideal Team Culture

Does your team know their purpose and is working on improving your ‘culture’ and team effectiveness? This workshop is a foundation element for all culture and change activities.

If you don’t know where you are headed, it’s unlikely you will ever get there. Many ‘culture programs’ are designed without a clear vision of what ‘done’ looks like. It will be a ‘shot in the dark’ if you don’t have a clear vision of the future.

Using a structured framework, we help teams to design the experience of work that they want and help them to understand the action they need to take to get there.


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Profiling Tools

Thinking Teams

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)  Whole Brain Thinking.

For organisations, achieving a harmonious and exceptionally performing leadership team marked by diverse high-level thinking is the ultimate goal. Introducing the HBDI tool—a catalyst for leadership evolution, personal enrichment, and innovation. With HBDI, teams can:

  • Elevate individual and team efficacy, productivity, and communication.

  • Ignite a spark of creativity that propels you light years beyond your competitors.

  • Amplify performance, driving stellar bottom-line outcomes.

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When you're prepared to embrace a thorough and extensive business transformation, we guide you through the entire process, ensuring a comprehensive and successful transformation for your organisation.


Making Sense of Complex Change

Build a Change Capable organisation.

In today's ever-changing business world, change isn't just a buzzword—it's the name of the game. Organisations that can ride the waves of change come out on top. That's why the Reframe Change program is a big deal. It gives your organisation the tools, smarts, and insights to see change as an opportunity, not a disruption.

It empowers leaders, change enablers, and everyone else to roll with the punches, stay strong, and drive success during changes.


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Leading Change

Empower and energize your teams through transitions with SynergyIQ's leading change program.

A leader is able to dismantle obstacles and provide comprehensive support on a variety of levels, including personal, psychological, practical, and professional.

In our program, we take a deep dive into the neuroscience of change. We will equip you with skills so that you can lead through exceptional behavior and maintain momentum. Become a beacon of leadership influence, understand the intricacies of the brain's response to change, and improve team performance and change management.

Embrace the SynergyIQ difference, and drive your team's success during times of change. 


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Authenticity ©

We help leaders create world-class businesses where people are safe, valued, inspired, and fulfilled.

Introducing "Authenticity", a transformative leadership program that cultivates leadership organically from the ground up. This initiative provides leaders with essential skills, resources, and tools to assist them in their journey of continuous self-improvement and growth. In order to cultivate an environment of empowerment, every people-focused leader must enable their teams and themselves to realize their full potential.


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Leadership Program

Brave Leadership

Lead with bravery and implement it in your role to unlock your potential

Conducted over three (3) half days, with one (1) follow-up integration session and based on the research and the core learnings from the DTL program, this Brave Leadership program focuses on developing the skills needed to lead yourself, lead cultures, individuals, teams, and organisations, and transfer that learning into everyday practice that influences your teams and the culture.


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Leadership Program

Elevate ©

Elevate © is designed for Executive Leaders to elevate their leadership experience, focus on building their culture and empower better performance

It provides confidence, skills, resources and tools that every Senior Leader needs to ensure they have stepped into an Executive Leadership mindset, can empower their leaders and create an environment where they, and the people they influence, can reach their full potential.


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Leadership Program

Dare to Lead ™

Building Brave Leaders & Courageous Cultures

Inspired by Dr. Brené Brown's pioneering work, Dare to Lead ™ is a courage-fueled program grounded in empirical research. It transforms Dr. Brown's teachings into actionable skills. This empowers you to enhance your leadership approach, revamp your team's dynamics, and foster a brave culture within your organization. As a bonus, it might even improve your everyday life.


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Culture Program

ViVa Culture ©

Viva means 'to live. That's exactly what you want for your culture journey, your people to live your vision (Vi), values (Va) and identity.

This program helps organisations to increase their employee engagement, performance and connection to your business. If you want to create a culture change then everyone in your business needs to be involved and empowered to make a difference. The ViVa Culture Program takes your staff on a journey over 2 days to connect them with your vision and values (ViVa).


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