Assessing behavioural and thinking styles

We have a range of developmental approaches and tools that enhance self-assessment and peer insight. Once opportunities for improvement are identified and clarified, we work with you through the beginnings of awareness and the acceptance of reality through to meaningful action. 

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How We Work With You

Generally, we work with a group of your leaders through this program, however single programs are also available.


Use the diagnostic tool you have chosen to measure your current leadership styles, thinking styles and behaviour styles of individuals.


Our accredited practitioners run an educational session on the behaviour styles and how to create change to help set you up for success.


We assist you to understand the results of your profile/s.

Action Planning:

We assist you to understand the impact of your behaviour, setting goals and developing improvement strategies.

We regularly follow up with group action and embedding sessions to develop shared commitments and goals as a leadership team.

Note: we employ accredited culture and leadership diagnosticians who are skilled and experienced in applying the empirical profiling tools, Organisational Culture Inventory (OCI and OEI) and Lifestyles Inventory (LSI), and Wholebrain Thinking (HBDI), across diverse sectors.


Benefits to You

You will move towards becoming the leader that you want to be through a process of self-discovery. The benefits of using a profiling tool include:

✔️  Having a shared language with your colleagues

✔️  Increasing your awareness of the impact of your actions

✔️  Giving you a starting point and a benchmark for change

✔️  Provides you with data to guide you on a targeted and unique leadership journey

Adding profiling tools to your learning programs and leadership development will improve your outcomes and keep you accountable for change.



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