Understanding your stakeholders

We want to understand how your strategy influences and impacts people: the heart of every business. Our stakeholder impact review will assess people’s connection to your strategy and what they need to do – and be supported to do – to achieve your strategic objectives.


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How We Work With You


We will conduct a stakeholder mapping and analysis process.


We will identify the strengths, needs and resistance in your stakeholder groups.


We will recommend actions to improve your plans and outcomes.


Benefits to You

Starting with who is going to benefit from your projects and programs ensures you start with the end in mind.

✔️  We will identify the most influential stakeholders who will help shape your project in its early stages.

✔️  We will help you gain valuable support from your stakeholders and sponsor.

✔️  Your communication will be more targeted and be able to cut through the noise when you know your stakeholders well.

A good stakeholder analysis will show you how people will react to changes due to your project and will guide you to win over difficult stakeholders.


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  • Develop leaders who will make decisions and act in ways that benefit your business, your teams and your customers



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