Facilitate Positive Change Through Sense-Making

Facilitate Positive Change Through Sense-Making

The world we live in is a whirlwind of constant transformation. Every aspect of business is in ...

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Enhancing Onboarding Experience by Unleashing Your Team's Superpowers

Picture this: a new teammate joins your crew, all excited and ready to roll. But wait, how do you ...

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SA Gov is Spending $200Million on Digital Change - What Does That Mean for Organisational Transformation?

The South Australian Government’s digital investment of 200 million in the State Budget 2023-2024 ...

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Bring me Problems, not Solutions

“Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions!” We’ve all heard it, and I even remember getting this ...

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Michelle and Dan

Reflecting on 5 Years of Growth and Teamwork

Five years ago, after five years of solo freelancing, I decided to create a consultancy where I ...

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Is there any value in your company values?

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume everyone reading this has been part of a company that has ...

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