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Case Study: Novatech & Synergy IQ

Working behind the scenes to deliver a stellar performance.

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The Problem

Novatech faced the challenge of transforming its workforce of 65 permanent employees and 100 casuals/agency staff into a high-performing and profitable organisation. This required not only a commitment to living out company values but also enhancing leadership capabilities within an agile and dispersed workforce.

The Approach

The company experienced a consistent increase in sales by 10-12% every 12 months for four years, indicating the effective integration of the company’s strategy with its culture. The inclusive process of developing interventions led to genuine uptake across the organisation, fostering growth and a strong, value-driven identity.

The Outcomes

The structured rollout resulted in seamlessly integrated operations across the company's nationwide network. The project was marked by rigorous impact assessments, adept risk management, and the establishment of a pilot group, culminating in a refined end-to-end system that propelled the company into a new era of operational excellence.



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