Webinar: Systems Thinking for Change

Introducing the Systems Thinking for Change program.

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Creating lasting change through systems thinking.

Change is rarely linear. Don't be fooled; there's always a 'messy middle' where emotions run high, we lose sight of the vision, and our best-laid plans start to unravel. Applying a people-oriented Systems Thinking approach when planning for change can help you anticipate and prepare for the messy middle.

Are you ready to revolutionise your organisation's change process? Watch Kylie Morton, our Change Expert, in this intro session on a People-oriented System Thinking approach that allows you to gain alignment faster, and plan and execute change more successfully.

Recorded live in May, 2023

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Kylie will share her knowledge and experience on the essential skill set of a great change practitioner, using a systems thinking approach to create sustainable outcomes for your organisation.



Whether you are familiar with systems thinking or not, Kylie will make it practical and easy for you to understand and implement the approach in your organisation.

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Opportunity to learn from the best and elevate your change management skills.

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Executives, Executive Team members, Managers, anyone who leads people and needs a modern, fast and practical approach with their teams.

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Project Managers, Change Managers, Comms, anyone who plays a role in making change happen, who needs a simple and effective way to gain early stakeholder alignment.

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Leaders who need to drive change and want practical tools to achieve lasting success.

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Any professional who needs to facilitate change in complex environments.


Hear from our very own

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Kylie Morton - Head of Innovation and Capability at SynergyIQ knows a thing or two about change. Before joining SynergyIQ, Kylie spent 15 years leading change in global defence companies and major pharmaceuticals. Now, in her role at SynergyIQ, she works with some of Australia's biggest and best-known companies and government organisations, helping them navigate complex change in a way that works and lasts. At a time when most change management practices are no longer fit for purpose, Kylie and the team are redefining what it means to lead change.

Instead, applying a progressive approach based on a deep knowledge of systems thinking, sense-making, human behaviour and business acumen achieves results and reduces quiet eye rolls from everyone involved. Kylie is passionate about creating great experiences of change and wants to create a world where all organisations are capable of leading change. Ultimately, she wants to reframe how we think about change-shifting the change management narrative to a more positive, people-centric conversation.