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Sasha MacGillivray

Lead Consultant, Change Mangement.

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Get to know Sasha.

The Professional

Meet Sasha, an exceptional change manager known for her thoroughness, organisation, and pragmatic approach. With an uncanny ability to quickly build rapport with clients, Sasha's disarmingly warm demeanor and confidence in her abilities make her instantly relatable. Her humility, coupled with a dry wit and caring nature, makes her a joy to work with. As a Senior Consultant in Change Management at SynergyIQ, Sasha is a seasoned professional adept at guiding complex organisational transformations. Her expertise spans from AnglicareSA to BAE Systems Australia, where she skillfully managed change processes, minimising business impacts. 


The Pragmatist

Sasha's approach to change management is characterised by pragmatism and attention to detail. She thrives in the practical aspects of change management, tackling tasks with adaptability, innovation, and a sharp intelligence. From her role at the University of Adelaide, where she implemented significant HR systems and process changes, to navigating complex organisational changes for BAE Systems, SA Health, City of Adelaide and ACH Group, Sasha demonstrates her capacity to execute practical solutions that drive successful outcomes.


The Whiteboard Ninja

Known affectionately as our resident "whiteboard ninja," and boasting a collection of whiteboards in her own home, Sasha is a master of visual change planning. She’s always looking for novel and interesting ways to help people make sense of change.


The Person

Beyond her professional achievements, Sasha is known for her warmth, humility, and dedication. As a mother of two enchanting daughters, she finds joy in building Lego with them and cherishes simple, down-to-earth values. Her enthusiasm for life extends to her work, where she brings a sense of fun and camaraderie to every project.


Her Philosophy

Sasha believes in the power of practical action, collaboration and not taking life too seriously. She approaches change management with steadfastness and level-headedness, even in the face of challenges. With a focus on loyalty, dedication, and bringing ideas to life, Sasha's philosophy revolves around making a meaningful impact through action and fun.

How You Can Work with Sasha

  • Change project lead
  • Aged Care SME on transformation projects
  • Enabling and managing change projects
  • Reframe Change for Enablers Development Programs
  • Implemenation of change projects


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