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Kylie Morton

Perspective Seeker, Head of Innovation and Capability.


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The Professional

In the dynamic world of business transformation, Kylie Morton emerges as a guiding light. With over 15 years of expertise in enabling organizational change across diverse industries, Kylie currently serves as the Head of Innovation and Capability at SynergyIQ. Her extensive experience spans roles from Head of Change to Manager of Enterprise Change, where she has masterfully navigated the complexities of change, transforming challenges into pathways of success and growth.


The Innovator

Kylie thrives in a realm where complexity is not a barrier but an invitation for innovation. At SynergyIQ, she's not just tackling change; she's redefining it. With her unique approach rooted in Systems Thinking, Neuroscience, Human Behavior, and Business Acumen, Kylie simplifies what often seems insurmountable, leading transformative journeys that empower individuals and organisations alike.


The Catalyst

Kylie is a certified change manager, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and executive coach, but her real magic lies in her ability to connect and lead. She's the person who turns overruns and confusion into strategic progress and collective understanding with her exceptional skills in communication and team development.


The Person

In Kylie’s bustling home, filled with laughter from four children, a partner and a shaggy dog, she’s more than a change leader; she’s a life enthusiast. From dominating the dance floor to capturing the beauty of sunsets through her lens, Kylie infuses joy into every moment, both personally and professionally. 


Her Philosophy

Kylie's philosophy revolves around transforming the experience of organisational change into something rewarding and empowering. She believes in simplifying complexity, fostering innovation, and inspiring individuals and organisations to embrace change as a pathway to progress and growth. Her human-centric approach emphasises the importance of communication, teamwork, positivity and continuous learning in navigating change successfully.  

How You Can Work with Kylie

  • Keynotes/Conference Speaker
  • Reframe Change Development Programs
  • Executive/sponsor advice and mentoring
  • Change SME on large scale transformation projects
  • Executive and Team Workshop Delivery
  • Transformational Change Design and Diagnosis

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