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Fiona Wellby

Communications Whiz, Consultant

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The Professional

Fiona Wellby stands out as a dynamic force in change management and strategic communications. Her extensive background in multiple industries, both in Australia and the United Kingdom, cements her as a leader adept at navigating complex environments. Her commitment to creating effective communication strategies and engagement with transformative projects demonstrates her ability to lead with clarity and purpose.


The Change Agent

Fiona's expertise in change management shines through in her approach to transformation projects. She excels in developing and implementing change management plans, skillfully balancing the need for strategic communication with the nuances of stakeholder engagement. 


The Collaborator

Fiona's professional journey, characterized by her roles at BSI and Transport for London, reflects her collaborative qualities. She has led pivotal internal communications during critical periods like the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting colleagues through transitions to virtual working and new technology implementations. Her leadership in these challenging times showcases her capacity to guide and inspire.


The Person

Beyond her professional achievements, Fiona's personal attributes of being committed, engaging, and adventurous enrich her work. Her pursuit of opportunities across different sectors reflects her adaptability and eagerness for continuous learning and growth. This personal commitment to development and exploration underpins her success as a communications and change expert.


Her Philosophy

Fiona Wellby believes in the power of strategic communication as a cornerstone of effective change management. She champions the idea of integrated change and communication plans, ensuring that transformations are not only strategically sound but also resonate on a human level with those involved. Her philosophy revolves around a holistic approach to change, considering both the organizational objectives and the individual experiences of stakeholders.

How You Can Work with Fiona

  • Change management and project support
  • Change communications on transformation projects
  • Managing change project teams
  • Comms and engagement specialist


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