Case Study: Sage Automation & Synergy IQ

Processes, systems, and people together to service customers more

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The Problem

In the face of rapid expansion, a leading manufacturing firm was tasked with the national rollout of an ERP solution—Salesforce Service Console for their field technicians. This digital transformation was impeded by the company's lean operational model, which offered limited access to change management resources and was burdened by outdated, unintegrated systems.

The Approach

SynergyIQ implemented a bespoke change management framework, tailored specifically to Sage Automation. The approach involved detailed process mapping, the creation of new operational workflows, comprehensive communication plans, and a multifaceted learning and development program delivered via a blend of face-to-face and online platforms.

The Outcomes

The structured rollout resulted in seamlessly integrated operations across the company's nationwide network. The project was marked by rigorous impact assessments, adept risk management, and the establishment of a pilot group, culminating in a refined end-to-end system that propelled the company into a new era of operational excellence.



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