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Case Study: Elders & Synergy IQ

Bringing change to the bush supporting a nationwide
CRM roll-out

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The Problem

A traditional 180-year-old business in the rural services sector faced the daunting task of embracing digital transformation with the rollout of its first-ever CRM system. The project was beset with hurdles: a low change management know-how, a need for high stakeholder engagement, and financial contingencies reliant on the project's success.

The Approach

Over six months, SynergyIQ developed an organisational change management framework tailored to the company. The strategy encompassed comprehensive change management plans, a detailed communications strategy, and a dynamic training plan. This approach was supported by meticulous policy reviews, procedural developments, and robust risk management.

The Outcomes

The initiative resulted in a marked cultural transformation, evidenced by a rise in employee engagement from 51% to 68% and a 10-point improvement in critical areas over a year, driven by the CEO's leadership and the integration of complementary initiatives like leadership coaching and systems redesign.



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