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Case Study: BHP & SynergyIQ

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The Problem

BHP faced the logistical and cultural shift of relocating their entire organisation from two outdated buildings to a state-of-the-art facility on Franklin Street. The transition not only involved a physical move but also a conceptual shift to an open, activity-based working environment.

The Approach

Our Change Manager collaborated with BHP's IT, facilities, and project teams to facilitate a smooth transition. Understanding the human side of change, we helped staff discover personal benefits and prepared them for the new working style. Efforts included organising on-site tours, providing transit details, and conducting walking tours to ease the adjustment.

The Outcomes

Over two weeks, technology and staff were relocated without disrupting day-to-day operations. By addressing uncertainties proactively, the move was executed seamlessly, resulting in a positive reception of the new workspace and preserving team morale and productivity.

SynergyIQ has seamlessly joined the team and we are better for it. Each day you bring a sense of purpose and passion in all you do.

Mark Harris

Manager Delivery OD Technology Olympic Dam, BHP

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