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Skye Brown

Change Whisperer, Lead Consultant

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Get to know Skye.

The Professional

In the ever-shifting landscape of Government and Enterprise sectors, Skye Browne emerges as a beacon of transformative change. Known for her finesse in stakeholder engagement and her knack for navigating the intricacies of complex environments, Skye redefines change management. Her journey is studded with accolades, reflecting her mastery in WHS culture programs and competency frameworks, stretching across diverse realms from Mining to the high seas with Disney and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.


The Learner

Skye’s academic odyssey is as diverse as her professional one. Armed with a Professional Certificate in Human Factors and Incident Investigation, and a Bachelor in Recreation Planning and Management, her knowledge is deep and wide. She doesn’t just learn; she masters – evident in her additional certifications in Managing Change, Train the Trainer, Audit Leadership, and Training Assessment and Education.


The Achiever

Imagine a world where safety and/or systems are not just implemented but ingrained. That's the world Skye crafts through projects like the BHP Global HSE data program, driver safety system, proximity detection system, ChemAlert, and SkyTrust initiatives. Her leadership in these projects isn't just about management; it's about visionary transformation and impactful stakeholder engagement.


The Person

Beyond the boardroom, Skye’s life is a tapestry of travel, sports, fitness, cooking and perpetual learning. Alongside her partner and their beloved furbaby Coco, she's often spotted savoring the local culinary scene. Her zest for life and adventure perfectly counterbalances her professional vigor, showcasing a well-rounded persona.


Her Philosophy

Skye’s philosophy is a manifesto for change: strategic, transformative, systems-thinking, stakeholder-focused. She believes that the true essence of change management is not just in altering processes but in empowering people and organizations to unlock their utmost potential, making her an indispensable asset in any journey of transformation.

How You Can Work with Skye

  • Transformation project lead (change focus)
  • Safety and Wellbeing SME on transformation projects
  • Enabling and managing change projects
  • Reframe Change Development Programs
  • Workshop Facilitation


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