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Paula Jacques

Systems Wizard, Consultant

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Hogwarts and all

Get to know Paula.

The Professional

Paula Jacques is a catalyst for business growth and expansion. With over a decade of multifaceted experience across operations, sales, and marketing, Paula offers a comprehensive view of business strategy and execution. She prides herself on her passion for delivering tangible results, embodying the very essence of a strategic and results-driven leader.


The Implementer

Her core strengths lie in strategy and project execution, financial and project management, and a solid business and commercial acumen. These competencies enable Paula to drive robust business growth, optimize processes and systems, and empower people to perform at their best, making her an invaluable asset in any corporate setting.


The Academic

With qualifications from Salford College Australia and ESPM Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, Paula’s educational background is as dynamic as her professional journey. Her endorsements and recommendations reflect her ability to inspire and lead teams effectively, with a keen focus on collaboration and forward-thinking.


The Person

Outside her professional realm, Paula’s love for animals (including her fur babies, Noah and Sky) and commitment to mental health and wellbeing shine through. Her personal experiences and introspections on life and work balance, coupled with her endeavors in networking groups like the Spence Club Inc., showcase her as a multi-dimensional individual who values both personal growth and professional excellence.


Her Philosophy

Paula Jacques excels in driving business improvement and operational excellence through people centred systems and a strong engagement focus. With over 10 years in operations, comms, and marketing, she leverages her expertise in change and project management to foster business transformation. Paula combines her love for data and people to achieve tangible results and organizational growth.

How You Can Work with Paula

  • Change management and project support
  • Business Improvement on transformation projects
  • Managing change project teams
  • Systems review and implementation


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